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New York State Professional Bail Bondsmen operate as defined in New York State Laws, Regulations and as dictated in terms and conditions found in private bail contracts governed under New York Civil Contract laws.   Professional bail consultants are individual with in-depth knowledge in surety bail and various aspects of the criminal justice system, such as bail source hearings, public policy and pretrial release. Bail consultants are professionals with many years of real experience in various aspects of the criminal justice system and the terms and conditions governing agreements are found in private contracts governed under New York Contract law.  


(Premium and fees are never refundable. Not responsible for variables, events and circumstances foreseen or unforeseen that may arise not listed here that may or may not delay and or prevent and or forbid total success for services contracted that are often possible when dealing with the criminal justice system, courts, jails, human error, independent contractors, third party vendors, acts of God, inclement weather, work slow-downs, judges requirements, any and all issues regarding warrants, holds, detainers, parole,probation, immigration, mistaken identity, lost or misplaced files, files not available, miswritten documentation or any errors or disagreements of any type etc. Precious metals and stones taken and authenticity and value when confirmed are sold for weight value alone at pre negotiated rate below market value and these proceeds are then utilized to pay for premium, consulting, other fees; and the balance of same, if any, are then utilized as collateral deposits in the form of cash which are subject to the terms and conditions of the private bail and consulting contracts. Items when deposited for sale are never returned to the depositor or owner as the items are sold and or melted for precious metal and stone value in exchange for cash. Statutory premiums are Governed UnderNew York State Insurance Laws and Regulations and are never negotiable or refundable. Contact the NY Insurance Department Directly For Complaints Charges for premium, agent licensing and record-keeping. All other services are governed under New York Civil Contract law; all contract have a binding arbitration clause as administered by an arbitrator from the American Arbitration Association venue New York State, New York County alone. Read your contract carefully and always consult and attorney before signing any binding agreements.

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