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NEW YORK CITY'S FAST, FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL AND DEPENDABLE BAIL EXPERTS! <p >Tens of thousands of clients and thousands of attorneys have turned to us over the years for friendly, professional, fast, inexpensive and hassle-free bail service and bail consultations. Hands-down we are the New York City leaders consulting family's and bailing inmates jailed in any Riker's Island, Manhattan Detention Center, Bronx Boat, Nassau & Suffolk County, ValHalla and Rockland County Jails. <p >Whether someone is arrested and is in Central Booking, Criminal Court Arraignments or already assigned to appear in Criminal Court, or has been indicted and is in Supreme Court, we help analyze the circumstances and attempt to post bail in all Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland courts. <p >We operate across all of New York City attempting to post bail bonds and post cash bailing for families and their loved ones as permitted day or night on weekends and holidays; whenever possible. We are conveniently located in two locations in and expanding rapidly.
<p >In Brooklyn find our community based New York Professional Bail Bondsman office located at 75 Smith Street, Brooklyn New York 11201, directly behind the Brooklyn criminal court and jail on the corner of Smith & State Street's.

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CALL: (212) 732-2245

<p >When you hire us, a professional bail team springs into action assisting you through the bail aspects of the criminal justice system. If we cannot get to where you need a bail done most likel we know someone near you who can. Whenever required we work besides New York top criminal attorneys and other legal professionals to assist clients. <p >That is why more criminal lawyers are increasingly referring our bail service to families who need to bail persons caught-up in the criminal justice system. Allow us to help you understand the basic rules regarding posting bail so you make a more informed decision when time and budget are factors.


(Premium and fees are never refundable. Not responsible for variables, events and circumstances foreseen or unforeseen that may arise not listed here that may or may not delay and or prevent and or forbid total success for services contracted that are often possible when dealing with the criminal justice system, courts, jails, human error, independent contractors, third party vendors, acts of God, inclement weather, work slow-downs, judges requirements, any and all issues regarding warrants, holds, detainers, parole,probation, immigration, mistaken identity, lost or misplaced files, files not available, miswritten documentation or any errors or disagreements of any type etc. Precious metals and stones taken and authenticity and value when confirmed are sold for weight value alone at pre negotiated rate below market value and these proceeds are then utilized to pay for premium, consulting, other fees; and the balance of same, if any, are then utilized as collateral deposits in the form of cash which are subject to the terms and conditions of the private bail and consulting contracts. Items when deposited for sale are never returned to the depositor or owner as the items are sold and or melted for precious metal and stone value in exchange for cash. Statutory premiums are Governed UnderNew York State Insurance Laws and Regulations and are never negotiable or refundable. Contact the NY Insurance Department Directly For Complaints Charges for premium, agent licensing and record-keeping. All other services are governed under New York Civil Contract law; all contract have a binding arbitration clause as administered by an arbitrator from the American Arbitration Association venue New York State, New York County alone. Read your contract carefully and always consult and attorney before signing any binding agreements.

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